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  • Spelling, hyphenating, and acronyms

    Canadian spelling is funny, sometimes we use -our at the end of words like the British do, and sometimes we end words with -izes like the Americans do. Spelling is another of our careless-or-clueless trio, and requires special attention in Canada. Historically of course, English came from Great Britain and the British Empire that at one ... Read more

Warren Clendining is Technical Expressions

I have been writing technical communications in a professional capacity since 1981, and as my sole career since 1994.

Articles on writing

Some of these articles are inspired by recent discoveries on how to write better, some are expansions of topics I teach, while others are born out of frustration with poor writing I see. Following the Writing link to checkout the complete list of writing-related articels.

Articles on the online media

The online media has long been a passion of mine and I have written a number of articles describing some of the tricks of the trade I have learned. Follow the Onine link to see a complete list of these articels.

Course materials

Over the years I have developed many courses on writing and authoring. All of these courses have micro-sites that I use as teaching resources for my classes. Follow the Course materials link to see a complete list of these courses and access each course micro-site.