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Flare–from Fundamentals to Mastery

Flare–from Fundamentals to Mastery is a combination of practical hands-on exercises and discussions periods that guide you through the development of actual HTML-based on-line information systems. This course provides practical experience using Flare to create feature-rich websites and on-line help systems.

Note, this site has been recently updated to the newest version of Flare, version 9.1.

Flare micro-site

By the conclusion of this course you will have:

  • Reviewed many capabilities provided by Flare to help manage on-line projects.
  • Reviewed the basics of HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
  • Prepared an on-line help system and a PDF manual using Flare.
  • Discussed the requirements for delivering context sensitive information.

The skills presented during this course are reinforced with practical hands-on exercises.

Flare-from fundamentals to Mastery, uses an activity centred workshop approach where we focus on a major project, and work together developing it with Flare.

Writing Engineering Specifications

Writing Engineering Specifications is a short course that applies the principles and practices of technical writing to preparing Engineering Specifications. The practical, hands-on, approach of this course is designed to assist technical and engineering specialists prepare effective engineering specifications.

By the conclusion of this course you will have:

  • reviewed the structure and use of MasterFormat 2004
  • examined some common mistakes made by writers when preparing engineering specifications
  • practised many of the writing skills necessary to prepare effective, unambiguous specifications

This course uses MasterFormat 2004 as the framework for preparing specifications, however the techniques discussed are equally applicable to any method of specification organization.

Writing Engineering Specifications micro-site

Writing with numbers

In many of our technical and business communications, numbers are key facts we need to express accurately and clearly. Here are some rules and some advice to remember when writing with numbers.

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