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Creating Training Manuals

The purpose of training manuals is to increase the knowledge of the trainee, often with the goal of improving the quality of a performed task. They can be published in a variety of forms including books, booklets, brochures, and as online sites.

Design and prepare effective training materials for a variety of training situations. Study and follow through the process of creating training materials using MS Word, including task and audience analysis, documentation standards, teaching roles, learning sequences, and evaluation techniques.

Creating Training Manuals micro-site

By the conclusion of this course you will have:

  • Reviewed the difference between preparing stand alone instructions and instructions that are utilized by a trainer or facilitator.
  • Reviewed the various teaching roles and learning sequences that can be used for training, and devised suitable document organizations to support these roles and sequences.
  • Written instructional materials that both support the teaching roles and learning sequences, and that are suitable to the anticipated course participants.<?li>
  • Reviewed the criteria for meaningful course participant evaluations and prepared representative evaluations.

The skills presented during this course are reinforced with practical hands-on exercises.

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