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Foundations of Technical Communcations

Explore the discipline of technical writing, and enhance your writing techniques to meet the demands of today’s business and industrial world. Familiarize yourself with the time-honoured skills and approaches needed to prepare effective, usable technical documentation – whether you are writing reports, proposals, computer manuals or other documents.

Foundations of Technical Communcations micro-site

By the conclusion of this 15 hour course you will have:

  • Examined methods to evaluate your audience.
  • Reviewed some of the organizational methods and writing forms encountered in today’s business and technical writing.
  • Practiced many of the writing skills needed to prepare clear, concise, correct, and cohesive communications.
  • Examined the basics of effective page layout.

The skills presented during this course are reinforced with practical hands-on exercises.

last updated: April 30, 2008
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