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Site Architecture for the Online Media

The online media presents exciting opportunities for the efficient and effective delivery of information. Web sites, online help systems, intranets, and e-mail are firmly rooted in most of our business and technical world. But the online media extends beyond these to include blogs, chat rooms, online communities, wikis, and more.

The online media differs in many ways from conventional paper publishing and requires a special set of skills to use effectively. Two courses are offered to help you master authoring in the online media: Site Architecture for the online media, and Design and authoring for the online media.

Site Architecture for the Online Media micro-site

In this course we review the benefits and challenges of the online media, and examine and practise the skills necessary to design sites that are well organized and easy to navigate. We apply these skills while developing an information site using a combination of XHTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and a Content Management System.

last updated: April 30, 2009
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