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Design and Authoring for the Online Media

The online media presents exciting opportunities for the efficient and effective delivery of information. Web sites, online help systems, intranets, and e-mail are firmly rooted in most of our business and technical world. But the online media extends beyond these to include blogs, chat rooms, online communities, wikis, and more.

The online media differs in many ways from conventional paper publishing and requires a special set of skills to use effectively. Two courses are offered to help you master authoring in the online media: Site Architecture for the online media, and Design and authoring for the online media.

Design and Authoring for the Online Media micro-site (This is now part of the unified OnlineMedia micro-site)

In this course we discover how to author pages that are organized, readable, easily comprehended and credible. We apply these skills while authoring pages using a combination of XHTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) within a managed environment.

Choose your typeface with care

When all we had for printed communication was the typewriter, we didn’t need to consider typeface or fonts, we had no choice. Now however, with Words Processors and Page Layout programs being so readily available we have some choices about the typeface we use. Even before Word Processors, the influence of type on readers was well understood; it just wasn’t something that most of us needed to understand. Now we do.

When we read, we read with a voice in our head. The tone and personality of that voice are dictated by the typeface we use. Typeface is the non-verbal part of our communication and it plays a very important role in the whole communication.

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